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A Kasumi ½ side story
by Adrian D. Moten

Disclaimer: Ranma ½ and its characters and settings belong to Rumiko Takahashi, Shogakukan, Kitty, and Viz Video.

Introduction: There is a scene that has some sexual content to it. Not descriptive enough for a lemon, but adequate for a -Lime warning- tag. Read the story as you see fit. Thank you.

This story takes place at the end of Kasumi ½ Chapter 4.

The way I figure it, some things don't change.

Some dick by the name of Inoue Akira had treated Fujisawa Harumi, one of my few friends, in a manner most crude. He managed to charm his way into Harumi's heart. Not that it took much effort; she was always a sucker for sappy shoujo romances. Within a few days, he convinced her to let him spend the night with her. Big mistake. The next day, after bragging about his exploits to nearly every guy in Furinkan, he unceremoniously dumped her and went to seduce another girl.

Harumi was devastated, not to mention ruined in many aspects, socially and whatnot. What hurt the most was that Akira was her first, and he just treated her like a prostitute. She came to me and cried about what she had gone through and the results. After hearing her tale, I decided it was time to repay Akira for the favor. No one hurts what few real friends I have and gets away with it.

After observing his habits, I lured him out. He had taken quite a shine to me, even went so far as to actually approach me for a date. Even though I desperately wanted to tell him where he could stick his suaveness, I let it continue, even played up the cutesy bit for what it was worth. It worked like a charm; I had him completely suckered in. It also helped that he was pretty new to Furinkan and therefore did not know me very well.

Akira, like others, thought that once he'd fed me (at a painful dent to his personal funding), that automatically gave him permission to ravage me like a dog in heat. Maybe in America with some airheaded blonde bimbo, but not in Nerima, and especially not with one Tendo Nabiki, aptly named the "Ice Queen" of Furinkan High School. No sooner than his hands started groping, I showed him just why I'm called the Ice Queen. He'll be fine in a few days, but Mr. Happy and his two nutty friends will never be quite the same again…

Hey! Just because I don't practice martial arts religiously doesn't mean I don't know a few self-defense tricks. Especially the more painful moves like "Grab, twist, pull." And let's not forget I have Ranma on my side as well, in case of any planned retribution.

I think that's what makes me different from Kasumi and Akane. Well, besides the obvious differences (they look more like Mom, while I'm stuck with more of Daddy's features; and they're the nice ones whereas I'm sometimes referred to as an "iron bitch" at Furinkan, etc.). I'm not afraid to cause pain. Akane is reluctant to actually hurt people, save Kunou and sometimes Ranma; she's a little too naive in that manner. Kasumi… well, it's nearly impossible to even think of Kasumi accidentally harming an ant, let alone purposely hurting someone now, but I remember her before Mom's death. The way I remember her, she was nearly as bad as Akane when she lost her temper, and she loathed doing anything that made her look weak, like housework. However, when Mom died, Kasumi did a complete one-eighty, becoming Mom for us because she felt that her death was all her fault. I can't even think of the last time any of us saw her truly angry. That thought alone is more than enough to cow anyone, even the old pervert Happousai.

Could I do something like that? Give up my life to remain virtuous, pure, and motherly for the family? Mmm… No. It's not in my nature to sacrifice, not at all. Maybe when I was just a little girl, I could; I was way too sensitive then, and no one can control anything by being overly  emotional…

Enough of that kind of thinking; I'd rather not remember those days if I can help it.

Back to business. Made a neat profit off of the timed-fights between Ranma and Kunou; he actually weathered most of Ranma's attacks for seven minutes before he was put down. A new record for Kuno-chan. Let's see, what else? Exhorted Inoue Akira for all he was worth early tonight, then gave him a little something to remember me by when he tried going to Breastville East and West. Heh. Let's see him brag about that little "surprise" tomorrow…

Hum… it's 10:45. And school tomorrow, too… I'm going to pay for this in the morning, I'm sure.

I approach the house, noticing that there are no lights on. Nice for them to be so worried about me… I wonder about Kasumi, though. Normally, she'd be up waiting for me like a mother hen. I wonder…

I open the door with my spare key, kick off my shoes at the steps (no Kasumi here… strange), and then pad up the stairs. I wonder if she is all right. Better check on her, just out of curiosity.

As I near it, I hear something coming from Kasumi's room. A quiet sound in the otherwise still household, dampened by the walls. Carefully, I near the door leading to her room and the sound becomes a little more definite. Hmm… It sounds rather steady a rhythm, punctuated with the occasional extra sound, like a moan. If I didn't know any better, I would have to say my oldest sister had someone else in there with her, someone of the masculine persuasion.

Yeah, right. She's probably just exploring herself again. I don't think she had ever touched herself before in her life until about a little over two months ago; she gets a little too noisy for me to not notice, and when I went to check on her the first time I heard her, did she ever get all red! I promised not to tell anyone what she was doing (not like I'm so heartless to sell out Kasumi for a couple of yen) and she felt more at ease, though still embarrassed. She still blushes fiercely whenever I say, "Need an extra hand?"



… Hold the phone.

That was two voices trying to keep their volume down, no mistaking it. I recognize one as Kasumi's, but the other one… I can't quite place it. Now I'm especially curious.

Time for a little spy work.

I crack the door ever so slightly. Immediately, my nose is attacked by the strong aroma of musk. Proof of sexual activity. Inside, it's too dark to make out actual faces or specific detail, but I can see well enough what's going on. Kasumi, angled in a way that her back is to the door and subsequently me, is busy impaling herself atop of a man laying down, his hands upon her hips controlling the tempo. Dammit, I can't see his face at this angle, and he's just grunting. No help from—

Run that by me again? My brain reprocesses the info it had just received a moment ago. Kasumi. Having sex. With a man. That I can't identify. Yes, that's what I saw.

… Oh my fucking god!

I close the door back before I'm spotted, then escape to my room. My senses finally kick back on line, having somewhat recovered. I pilfer an empty glass from the top of my dresser and close in on the wall adjacent to the happy pair. I listen in carefully.

"Oohhh… more… please…"

"Kasumi-aaahh-chan… Ohhh…"

Well, I'll be damned; Kasumi's getting laid! I wasn't imagining it!

Well, now I'm kind of upset with her, with her losing her virtue before me. I'm pretty sure Ranma's too slow on the uptake to try to have sex with Akane, so she's still cherry. At least, it's nice to know that Kasumi's very much into men; once, I almost considered the idea that dear sis was really a closet lesbian at one time.

The voices rapidly escalate to their zeniths and linger briefly. Slowly the sounds of the room tumble down into silence. The house becomes eerily silent then. I strain my hearing as far as it can go, but the two occupants aren't making a peep. I give them another few minutes before I can safely assume they have fallen asleep.

My mind is screaming at me to chance a sneak over to my older sis's room to find out the identity of her lover. However, I decide not to. It's not that I don't want to know; it's just that I'm just a bit too tired at the moment, and who am I to interrupt Kasumi's happiness? Besides, I just put on my nightshirt, and entertaining every man's fantasy of two girls at the same time is not in my plans tonight.

A menage-a-trois with my older sister… ew….

I crawl into bed and look at the ceiling. Some things never change. Of course, maybe they do, but those things remain the same no matter how much they change.

Hmm… That sounded pretty profound. Maybe I should take up philosophy instead of business.

I close my eyes.

… Nah.


To be continued.

Author's notes: I probably should have done Ukyou's side story first (it's being inspired from a very unlikely source), but I want to plan that one out a little better first. Besides, this idea just came (no pun intended) to me early today, so I had to write it down. And from the last scene; yes, I've considered doing a lemon side story later on due to the number of requests for one.  Don't ask when, because I don't have the slightest inkling; probably after I get through Chapter 5 of Kasumi ½.

As usual, send all C+C (Music Factory, natch ^_^) and questions to raemowse@aol.com. Flames, to smores@campfire.site

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