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A Ranma ½ story
by Adrian D. Moten

Disclaimer: Ranma ½ and its characters and settings belong to Rumiko Takahashi, Shogakukan, Kitty, and Viz Video.

Lemon Warning: Oh, before I forget, this story features some heavy cursing and a couple of very graphic sexual scenes, so if you're not above the age of eighteen, please do not read this work. Arigato.

Dr. Tofu Ono sat in office after closing up for the day. He looked at the disarray of papers, upset files, the remnants of a book shredded to pieces earlier, and Betty-chan leaning against a wall— the aftermath of a Hazy Dream Attack, also known as a Kasumi Tendo visit.

"Why me?" he lamented as he stared at the bedlam. "For four years, this has been happening every time I see Kasumi. I love her so much, I go into hysterics…" He sighed. "Kami, I sound rather pathetic. Why me?"

Looking at the time, he decided he better clean up the place, then lay down. Kasumi always takes so much out of him when she dropped by. At least she also brought around dinner for him today.

After restoring his office and eating his fill, Tofu laid down on the examination table and absently stared through the ceiling.


Ten years ago, Soun's wife Kimiko had been diagnosed with cervical cancer. 23 year old Doctor Tofu had never before in his life experienced such appalling pain within the professional-patient relationship as he did when he told her the grievous news that day. He couldn't help it; he felt so much like family with the Tendos, and with Kimiko, they were beyond good friends. They shared a bond that perhaps not even her husband could touch…

A knock on his door interrupted his thoughts. "I'm sorry, but we're closed. Please come—"

"I must ask you to let me in, Tofu-sensei."

He blinked. "Kasumi?"

"Hai, it's me."

He blinked.


He blinked once more as he realized that he hadn't gone into his delirious state as he had just today… or the last four years, for that matter. "Um, just a minute." He jumped for joy as quietly as he could, then raced to the front doors of the clinic before she decided to leave for the night.

She smiled at him as he threw open the doors, almost ripping them off their hinges. "Good evening, Tofu-sensei."

"Um, good evening to you, too, Kasumi. Would you like to come in?"

She nodded. "Arigato," she said, slipping inside of the clinic.

He watched her disappear inside, then pulled the doors to. Turning to face the crisp, open night sky, he jumped up and down in sheer joy. "Wa-HOO!! Thank you, KAMI-SAMA!! THANK YOU!!" He didn't care if he woke up the entire block with his carrying on; he was in heaven, and nothing could ruin it for him. After turning cartwheels and dancing around the street for a minute, he calmed himself down, then walked back into the clinic, hoping Kasumi didn't hear him.

"Kasumi, how may I help you?" he spoke as he was closing the door. He looked up to face her, but something was odd about the eldest Tendo that he couldn't quite put his finger on. Her hair was worn in the same fashion as always, a white bow pulling back the long chestnut mane into a ponytail. She was also wearing a blue overcoat, which was kind of strange, considering the weather wasn't particularly cold enough for that, but Kasumi had a problem with the cold. She had on a pair of plain white flats— he looked at the flats again. "Overcoat, but no boots…" he murmured softly to himself. Well, he ended up dismissing the thought. There was no snow on the ground, so she wouldn't need boots; she had on some bluish stockings.

"Hai, Tofu-sensei." She looked around the room. "May I ask you for a glass of water, first? I feel rather warm."

"Sure thing, Kasumi!" He went to the sink, filled up a cup with water, then returned to her. "Here you go."

"Arigato." She began to drink.

Something she said… about being warm…? "Um, Kasumi, if you don't mind me asking, why are you wearing your overcoat if you feel warm?"

She finished half of the cup off, then set it on the counter. "It's part of the reason why I'm here. I want to ask you something in private."

"Well, no one else is here… but I don't see anything wrong with that… okay, Kasumi."

"Arigato, Tofu-sensei."


"I… know, Tofu-sensei… I'm going to die…"

He gasped. "Don't even think of such a thing! You're going to get better… I placed some calls around Japan. There's a specialist coming here in a day or so, he can help you get bet—" He found a finger pressed against his lips.

She smiled slightly. "You were never that good a liar, Tofu…"

He collapsed at the side of the hospital bed. "Dammit, I can't just give up. You're not suppose to die, not like this!" He fought to keep the tears from falling, but failed miserably. His glasses jerked off of his face and lay unmoving on the blue spread as he buried his face into her thigh and wept.

Slowly, Kimiko lifted her hand and painstakingly ran it through his sandy hair. She repeated the action, whispering softly, "It's all right… let them come…"

"Why?" he choked out, his mouth full of bed material. "Why you?"

She closed her eyes, a pair of tears streaking down either side of her cheeks. "I'm sorry…"

"So, Kasumi, what brings you here tonight?"

"Well…" Her fingers danced over each button of her overcoat. "I wanted to ask you… a question…" She had turned her back towards him, her fingers still fiddling with the buttons.

"You know you can ask me anything, don't hesitate to ask."

Her head nodded, sending the pinkish bow bouncing up and down on her back. "I know…"

"So tell me, what is it you want to ask of me?"

She popped off each button, one by one, then slowly turned around, slipping the overcoat off. Tofu's mouth fell open at the sight, his eye wide as dinner plates.

Kasumi was wearing a blue lingerie set, something completely straight from a Victoria Secrets catalogue: see-through lacy bra that supported her full, firm breasts and matching panties that showed off the dark delta it held promise to; a sleek, elegant baby doll robe, completely open, generously exposing her assets to Tofu; frilly garters clinging around her thighs and supporting the cobalt pantyhose; the soft blue, five-inch high heels accentuated her slender, shapely legs. Absolutely a sight to die for.

"I want to ask you… to make love to me tonight."

He blinked. Again. Again. "Hanh..?" was the most intelligent thing he could think of to say. He wiped the drool off of his mouth, more by reflex than anything.

Gracefully, she walked up to the paralyzed doctor and slipped his glasses off. Then she took his face into her gentle hands and drew him in for a long, sensual kiss.

He came to life with that kiss. His arms arched around her body and crushed her against him. She smiled against his lips, then wriggled her hips against his own, setting off fire within him, which also resulted in a bulging hardness poking hard against her. She snaked a hand between them, and took hold of him. He gasped as she did so. Again, she smiled, though it was much more seductive in nature.

"You like the way it feels, ne?"

He nodded weakly. "…very…"

Kasumi pulled away from him, swaying her hips teasingly. "I think I know of something that will feel better there… but first…" She reached behind her, unhooking the bra, then slipping it down her arms, revealing her brown aureolas and aroused nipples. She watched the good doctor with half-lidded eyes, licking her lips playfully. Her hands roved up her hips, along her sides, and cupped her breasts. She squeezed and massaged them, eliciting a low moan from herself. Her eyes never left Tofu, and she liked the reactions she was getting from him: shallow breathing, light sweating, hands backwards clutching the desk for support, the size of his bulging pants…

"Now, you're allllmost ready for me…" she almost purred. Her lithe fingers took leave of her breasts, heading directly for Tofu's belt. One snap, and it lay on the floor, the gi top fluttering wide open, displaying an impressive chest. She began laying a trail of kisses upon his throat, then slowly moving down. Her lips and tongue ravaged each one of his nipples, and he moaned. Her fingers tucked into the band of his pants, pushing them down off of his hips as her mouth came closer, and closer. His hands found the back of her head, fingers twining into her soft locks of hair.

Suddenly, she paused in her descent at his navel to look up to the good doctor. Realizing she had stopped, he looked down. Their eyes met, and the lust in them clearly showed. She gave him the seductive smile, and licked her lips again. He let a delicious shudder pass his lips when she did so, which widened her smile a little more. Her fingers danced out to the back of her head and undid the red bow. Letting the ribbon float to the ground, she snapped down his pants down to his ankles, his long, rigid member springing up at her.

She kissed along one side of the heated member, drawing sighs from its owner, then the other. Her tongue came in to caress the underside, pausing near the head to flick the tip of her tongue at that point very rapidly, then tasted the glistening essence at its opening. He groaned as her mouth worked over him, bringing him to new heights of desire, his hands involuntarily edging her more and more. Then Kasumi took the tip of him in between her lips and suckled him slowly, swirling her tongue all about the growing head. Tofu gasped, his hips making an involuntary thrust to her.

She squeezed his bottom as she slid him in and out of her hot mouth, speeding up as he began to quiver within. His groans became more pronounced, his hands still entwined in her hair, and soft slurping sounds bouncing throughout the office. Suddenly she took him down as far as she could swallow him, the back of her throat sucking at him intensely. Unable to take anymore, he cried out, his searing seed erupting and gushing into her sweet recess. She swallowed every drop of it without complaint, then cleaned his now-softening member with her tongue.

Spent, Tofu tumbled backwards from the desk, landing on the examination table. "Kami…that, that was…incredible….just, incredible, K—"

A finger pressed against his lips. "We're just getting started," Kasumi huskily said. She edged down her lacy panties, which were now very sodden with her own essence, and sent them sailing with Tofu's pants. Silky black down covered her glistening softness as she leaned over Tofu's sated manhood.

"Wakey-wakey, Tofu-chan." She spoke with sex dripping each word. She kissed the head once, then smiled in delight as it stirred and began to grow. "Good Tofu-chan."

Tofu looked at his member gearing up for round two so soon. It was pretty amazing to him that he was even functioning for another round, but something about it all seemed so familiar….

Kasumi kissed him, her skillful tongue darting into his mouth. He could taste her natural sweetness mixed with the saltiness of himself. He had no more thoughts about… whatever it was… as the eldest Tendo daughter straddled his hips, the luscious lips of her sex parting a little. She grasped him and gave him a few strokes, ensuring he was ready for her.

Satisfied, she guided him to her, the nether lips parting to engulf him as she did earlier. His eyes rolled into the back of his head as her wetness easily taking him was so divine. How he desired the day—!

She cried out a little as she impaled her herself on his stiffness sharply. Tofu grunted with her suddenness—he did not recall whether he breached her maidenhead, or not, as she went too fast to really feel resistance. It did not matter as she began to ride him, filling his world with unimagined pleasure. Groaning, he took hold of Kasumi's hips, thrusting up to meet her halfway in their lovemaking.

"Kami, you're so tight…" he grunted, sweat forming a bead over his flesh as he pumped into her body.

In response, she raked her nails over his chest. "It gets better…"

His eyes closed as she bounced up and his member with a little more vigor. "Hai…" he said breathlessly.

"You really like me, don't you?"

"Hai…" Somewhere in the back of Tofu's mind, his lover's voice sounded kind of… younger. The thought was quickly overridden by the mounting pressure he was beginning to feel.

"Good… you know, I had a crush on you, when I was a child…"

"Y-you did?" He was a little surprised by this confession, though the unbridled sensations coursing through his body washed over the thoughts.

"Hai… Akane did, too, till a few days after Ranma showed up…" She sped up then, and Tofu had to stifle a cry.

"God, you're getting tighter, K—" His eyes cracked open to admire his sweet lover, then flared open in shock. The elegant nineteen-year-old woman he knew and loved as Kasumi had been replaced by a fifteen-year-old girl jauntily sliding his slickened manhood in and out of her body. "W-who are you?" Somehow, she looked familiar.

She pouted a little. "Don't tell me you've forgotten me already…" The girl did not slow down her rhythm one bit.

He blinked then. "K-Kasumi? Wh-what happened to you…?!"

"Why, I'm feeling so… free… making love to you like this…"

"B-b-but, you're fifteen!"

"Hai… the way you saw me the first time you desired to have me all to yourself. Was it a good wet dream?"

Dr. Tofu's mind boggled. "H-how'd you know about that?!"

"Now, now doctor, don't go into hysterics now… it won't do for you to blow your own mind…" She smiled impishly. "That's my job…" She drew a tempting kiss from his lips.

He blinked several times, trying to make sense of what was happening. "Ka-Kasumi, I… I… I…?"

He was staring at a wide-eyed, naked little girl around the age of nine wearing a golden necklace with a silver cross hanging from its depression. "Hiya, Tofu-sensei," she said in a childish voice that still held an edge of sensuality. She was jubilantly bouncing up and down on him, which was placing a real strain on him as she was now painfully too small around his sex.

"Kami-sama…" the color in his face beginning to drain away. "Ka-Kasumi…"

"Mi-chan, call me Mi-chan!" the energetic girl said mirthfully. Then she pouted. "I wanna play with that… make it hard again!"


The naked girl tossed her small, twin ponytails as she made a derisive sound. "Figures you liked mommy better than me."

"Wha… what are you talking about?"

"Think I don't know about you coming over when daddy had to go off with granpa? I do; in fact, I saw you… um, what's the word granpa used?—oh, yeah!—fucking mommy! Even called her Miko-chan! Only daddy could call her that!"

For the first time since Kasumi had came to his office, he froze, totally and utterly.

"Goddamn him. Him and that shitty old hentai."


Turning around in her chair, away from the picture of her and Soun sitting on the dresser, Kimiko saw the young doctor standing in the doorway. Hastily she wiped away the trails of tears. "How'd you get in?"

"Kasumi-chan let me in. She's really a sweet little girl." He scratched his head. "What's wrong, Kimiko-dono?"

She spun back around in her chair. "Go away."

"Kimiko…" He stepped into her room.

"Please… go away…"

Tentatively, he touched her shoulder. She tensed up underneath his fingertips, but slowly, she relaxed.

"Come now, Kimiko-dono…"

"Miko… chan."


"Call me… Miko-chan…" she spoke in a soft voice. " 'dono' doesn't sound right coming from you."

"Okay… Miko-chan. I'm honored…" He cleared his throat. "Now tell me, what's wrong."

After a few sniffles, she began. "Soun went off with that damned hentai again. Training for the Art, he calls it. Have to make sacrifices for the Art, he says. Wants one of his girls to carry on in the Art, he says. Even talked about merging the Tendo school with that goddamned, shitty old hentai's other student, Gen…Genom…Gendo Rokubungi— Genma Saotome, that's it. Genma Saotome… Fuck them all and their fucking 'Art.' Soun's always going off with that old chikushoume— no, he's not even good enough for that, the—" She broke off in a sob, then lunged to Tofu. "Oh, Kami, I don't want it to be like this all the time—!" Burying her head into his chest, Kimiko cried. "Having to raise our children by myself… losing my husband… Oh, Kami…!"

"It's all right… let them come…" he spoke in hushed tones, his fingers combing through her dark, curly hair, cut just below her ears.

That was when it happened.

They stared at each other. Neither Kimiko Tendo, nor Dr. Tofu Ono knew who had kissed whom.



Their eyes held each other for long moments.

"Uh, I, we… shouldn't be doing this…"

"I… I… know… but, ah…"

They looked at each other, almost as if awaiting a sign. Suddenly, there was a sound of something falling, breaking the silence and startling them both. Simultaneously, they looked in the direction of the noise.

On the dresser was a picture frame laying facedown.

"Good enough," she said, her eyes shimmering with tears. Turning back to the doctor, she practically ripped off his gi, then threw him onto the bed. Tofu was stunned, even as he watched her close the room door, then strip away her kimono, revealing her luscious body to him. Adorning her neck was a gold necklace with a simple silver cross hanging just above the valley of her breasts.

"I—" She placed her finger to his lips. "You really like me, don't you?"

He nodded.

"Good…" she said. Her lips sought his out, kissing his fiercely, months and months of pent up passions and desires pouring out like the waters of a broken dam. Soon, Tofu had responded with the same intensity as hers. They rolled around on the bed, kissing, rubbing their bodies against each other, drawing enticing arousal from the other.

Tofu trailed his lips over to her soft breasts, suckling each pinkish nipple, then flicking at each with his tongue. She moaned with his playful actions. "Kami…" She brought him back up to kiss him deeply, their tongues twining about within their sealed mouths. His masculinity rubbed against her leg, her stomach, her own moistening femininity, gasping softly at the latter.


He looked down upon her with love in his eyes. "Hai?"

She could get lost within his strong, caring eyes. "I want to ask you… to make love to me."

He chuckled softly. "You never had to ask, Miko-chan." Sitting up, he pushed her legs wider, then positioned himself over her, the tip of him resting against her entrance. Slowly, he slid deeply inside her, groaning as her internal muscles caressed and pulled at him, drawing him farther and farther. Finally, their hips firmly met and they stayed like that for an eternity. Their eyes met and held fast, neither one willing to leave their gaze as they began to make love.

Their passions intensified, hips thrusting up and meeting, then withdrawing. They quickly picked up the pace, from slow and concentrated thrusts to sharper and wilder. She smiled up to him, small groans escaping her lips. He grinned back, sweat beading on his forehead. Soon, their love-making escalated into a frenzy, his pounding making her bosom quiver and bounce, her nails scratching down his chest, legs scissoring his waist and holding on tightly. With a cry, he lunged as far as he could bury himself inside her, and carried them both over the edge of their love, he exploded hotly within her, her essence released in generous volume.


"That's it, that's the way, Tofu-sensei!"

Panting, Dr. Tofu looked to his lap. The ten-year-old Kasumi was still there, clapping her hands together as she beamed at him. "I knew you could do it again!"

"Why the hell are you here?!"

The little girl stood up from a drenched and limp organ, then stood on his stomach. He grunted as she settled all her weight into a squat. A drop of white/clear fluid landed stickily on his skin.

Tofu felt sick.

"You wanted me here. Why else?"

"You… monster… torturing… me…"

"Oh, and what about mommy? Think about what you did to her. First you fucked her, then you abandoned her."

"I had no choice!" he bellowed, then winced as her weight made itself felt again. He wheezed. "Soun… after we… made love—"

"—Fucked her."

"…Whatever you want to call it… Soun and… Genma buried the old hentai in that cave… and, he… he came back to Kimiko…" Tears streamed from his eyes. "…It was… the hardest day… we ever had…" He wheezed. "Then… she came to me for… a check-up… a month after we… avoided each other… and, she had the cancer…" Another sticky drop of fluid splattered on his stomach. "I… I didn't know… what to do… I-I panicked. I couldn't… deal with it…"


The little girl withdrew her hand from his cheek. "She trusted you, admired you, even loved you, and you just threw her away. Didn't even give one shit about her. Do you have any—"




"—how much—"


"—that hurt her?!"


His cheeks burned with pain and swollen, little handprints. Tofu looked up to his abuser. The childish outlook was gone, replaced with a cold mask, eyes smoldering with anger. She was threatening to crush the air out of his lungs with her weight alone.

"And at the end, she asked you to watch over her girls, and what do you do? Isolate yourself from one, ignore another, and lust after the third! Why, goddamnit, why?!"

"Nabiki… she wanted to run the clinic. Talked about scamming a lot of… people with a 'miracle cure-all' some years ago… I put her out… because it was… dishonest, and she wouldn't see things… my way…" He took a deep breath, steeling himself for the weight bearing on his stomach. "Akane… I… I never knew she had a crush on me… it must have been… devastating… for her…"

He took a deeper breath. "As for… Kasumi… I never quite understood… why I was so madly in love… with her…"

The little girl's eyes narrowed in slits. Silently, her hand came up yet again.

"…but, I think I figured it out…"

"Oh?" The air around them dropped a few degrees with that one word.

"Hai… I… I'm not in love with her… rather… who she reminds me of…" He closed his eyes. "Kimiko…"

The hand fell.


"I'm, I'm sorry…"

"Nonsense, don't be. It's all my fault, really."

"No, you had the right to be… angry. I was—"

"Shh… no more blame to give; there was none in the first place. Now rest; we have a lot of catching up to do."

"Hai… we do…"

"Aishiteru, Tofu-chan."

"Aishiteru, Miko-chan… I wish we could be together forever and a day…"

A soft laugh was the reply.

Kasumi was walking to the clinic after Ranma, Akane, and Nabiki left for school. Upon reaching the door, she stopped short. "Something doesn't feel right…" Shrugging off the eerie feeling, she knocked lightly. The doors gave way without preamble.

"Odd…" She put a finger to her lips as she looked around the office. "Tofu-sensei?"

No answer.

She looked around, not finding any sign on the good doctor. "Hmm… I wonder whatever became of him?" Out of the corner of her eye, light glinted off of something. She moved to the source of the light.

Sitting on the counter by the sink was a set of medical books from the private collection of Dr. Tofu. They were all bound with a white ribbon, tied into a neat bow. To the side of the bow laid a silver cross atop of a coil of a golden necklace and a note addressed to Kasumi.

Picking up the necklace in one hand, she read aloud the note in the other:

"Kasumi, I'm going away for a long time. I don't think I will be coming back. I want you to have these books; they'll probably be invaluable when you finally leave for medical school. Thank you for everything, and more. You will be blessed with a lovely husband and beautiful children. Give my good byes to everyone else in Nerima, even Nabiki. A new doctor should be arriving in the afternoon, I think his name is Dr. Hiro Ritsuko. Please make him feel welcomed. Arigato and Sayonara, Dr. Tofu

"P.S.—The cross, it's a gift… from a friend."

She smiled, then slipped the cross on around her neck. Admiring it, she commented, "Such a pretty cross. It reminds me of the one mother was buried with so many years ago…" She sighed, then exclaimed. "Oh, my! I should tell Father and Uncle Saotome about this… but first, where is the dish I left here..?"

A clanking sound caught her attention, and she spun to face the source. The crockery she had left was sitting on the counter.

"Arigato." She smiled. Setting the cookware on top of the books, she slid them into her arms, then made her way for the door. Stopping just in front of them, she looked back into the clinic. "I hope you're very happy, wherever you went, Dr. Tofu."

With that, she slipped into the morning, humming a tune.



Nareau, from what my online translator tells me, means, among other things, to establish a secret liaison with, and to have an intimate relationship with a member of the opposite sex. In this case, it's pretty fitting, I think.

Woo… never thought I'd actually make that into a one shot story. Originally, this was meant to be part of a dark lemon fanfic I was planning entitled, "Jiatsu Ousama" or Suicide King, but I decided not to do it; it got rather hard to plan out effectively, and I'm already busy enough with Kasumi ½ and its side stories and college life (it's crunch time now, with exams coming in next week).

Final, but certainly not least, notes: Thank you everyone who voted Kasumi ½ for the third best story for the October period. I'm deeply honored and surprised that it's been so well received in what seems to be a short time. I hope I can continue to maintain, or even surpass, that which you expect. Even more, I hope I can crank out chapter 4 in a few weeks. ^_^

Keep on reading, and thank you once again.

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